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Home Sellers: Preparing for Listing Photos? Hide These Things First.

Your listing photographs play a huge part in how homebuyers view your home. To attract the most possible homebuyers, plan to stash these tems away before your photo shoot:Area Rugs. Homebuyers want

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Planning on Buying a Home This Summer? Here’s What You Need To Know...

A recent video from outlined tips buyers need to know if they’re planning to buy a home this summer—one of the most competitive real estate seasons in recent history

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Man Builds Dream Home Over A Pond So He Can Fish From A Hole In His Living Room Floor

When you love something as much as this homeowner loves fishing, you may decide to decorate with some fishing decor or get a tattoo of your favorite fish. This man, however, decided to take his

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You've Seen Countless Double-Wides Rolling Down the Highway… But a Million Dollar Home?!

Ever wonder how stressful it must be to move those double-wide homes down the road? Driving on edge, with a multi-ton trailer of destruction riding your tail,  just hoping the trucker gods aren

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